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Socket Sport is a game that was invented by merging Soccer and Cricket (Soccer Cricket). Socket is played by two teams of eleven (11) players each. There is a striking team with two strikers on the field at a given time and the defending team (also called “fielders”) with one Kick-bowler and ten (10) fielders including team captain. There are no batsmen and no wickets, instead there are Strikers and goal posts respectively. Socket has laws or “rules” by which the game is played. Almost all of these laws are easy to understand. These laws are designed to make socket sport fun, safe, and fair for all participants. The objective of socket is for the striking team to get as many runs as possible before the end of their 60 minutes of the total (120) game, while the defending team aims to score a goal into the mini goal posts both when strikers are out of their retreats (or home cells) and during kick-bowling. At the end of the strikers’ 60 minutes, the current (at the time) defending/kick-bowling team will then start their sixty minutes as strikers this time until the end of the game. Ten minutes’ transitional/rest period is applicable before the beginning of the second sixty (60) minutes. Two arbiters oversee the socket game. It is the arbiters’ responsibility to ensure that the game
remains fair and fun for everyone. This includes players, spectators and the officials. Arbiters should be given the benefit of a doubt; they are much closer to the play than spectators. They should be trained in the laws and must be impartial to the game’s outcome.

About the author: Jongi Mbodla
I am the Founder of Socket Sport and the CEO at Jongi Brands (Pty) Ltd
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By Jongi Mbodla

I am the Founder of Socket Sport and the CEO at Jongi Brands (Pty) Ltd

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